Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is to assist our member’s network and liaise on issues of common interest. This should also serve as a databank of common FAQs which can be referred to and augmented over time.

Queries may be raised by companies on topics that relate to the relevant working groups and information and experiences within companies which may be shared amongst the group.

At frequent intervals, an e-mail alert shall be sent to the relevant working group on queries posted on the site and eliciting responses. All queries and responses must be accompanied by the company and contact name.

All queries and responses shall be collated after a period of time and available for viewing by the members of the working group.

Only members of the relevant working groups are permitted to post or respond to a query on these forum.

BioPharmaChem Ireland undertakes no responsibility for queries posted or responses received. The Association has developed the facility for your use and the benefits derived will be determined by how our members commit to its use.