Training & Skills

Pharmaceutical companies thrive in Ireland due to its unique workforce. Ireland has a creative and very flexible Workforce with an excellent ability to innovate and to lead. It has one of the youngest populations in Europe with over 50% under the age of 35 years. This young Irish Workforce is recognized for its ability to adapt to fresh ideas this capability has allowed the local workforce to readily embrace the new paradigm of development plus manufacturing that now operates in the sector. Ireland has been ranked 4th in the world for its availability of skilled labour and it’s openness to new ideas.

Our people
The Biopharma and Pharmachem industry sector employs 25,300 people, over half of which are third-level graduates compared to the national average of 24 per cent. In addition 24,500 people are employed providing services to the sector
The sector has benefitted from the increased output of PhD researchers, employing approximately 25% of all PhD researchers currently employed in Irish industry.

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