About the BioPharmaChem Sector

Growth of the sector in Ireland
Since 2012, over €4 billion has been invested in the biopharmachem sector marking a period of sustained growth. Most of this investment is in the Biologics resulting in the investment and development of new skills from the traditional pharma (small molecule). The current series of investments is expected to result in the creation of more than 8,000 new direct jobs in the sector. At the moment, pharma in Ireland employs around 26,000 people directly and another 25,000 indirectly. Over 65% of those employed in the sector have a third-level qualification?

Competitive Environment
Ensure that Ireland creates a competitive environment to promote growth, innovation and operational excellence. Enhancements to the corporate tax regime will deliver more and better jobs and increased tax revenue. 50% of the total country exports are generated by the biopharma, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The replacement value of the sector is estimated to be €40 billion.

Innovation & Manufacturing Excellence
Ireland has a global size cluster with a proven track record in operational excellence, compliance and supply security in addition to a green image. The correct manufacturing environment is critical therefore it is vital to keep up to date with manufacturing technology – moving from batch to continuous, utilising skid technology,prioritising innovation in both process development and manufacturing technology.

Ireland’s talent pool remains a key global competitive advantage for the sector. We need to ensure that Ireland is an attractive location for highly-skilled employees. They in turn will then promote Ireland as a location for future investment and attract more similarly skilled The quality and capability of the people working in the sectors vital as companies invest and move up the value chain of innovation.

Academic Collaboration

A key advantage of the Irish business environment is the productive collaboration between industry, academia and government agencies. All stakeholders work together to consolidate Ireland’s position as a knowledge based economy and as a primary location for research and development. Industry links and networks should continue to be developed and enhanced.

Ireland’s pharmaceutical sector has an extraordinarily good track record in terms of compliance with statutory and quality regulations. The US Food and Drug Administration(FDA), Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) and consumer audits consistently rate Irish manufacturers’ good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance as world class. Companies’ competence in this area gives them a key competitive advantage over industries in other regions around the world. Typically, inspections by the FDA rate Irish facilities extremely highly.

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