Health & Safety

Ibec membership offers unparalleled access to a suite of services on occupational safety and health and personal injury compensation as it affects Irish business. Our experienced executives give professional and practical advice and information on all aspects of health and safety to our members by analysing problems, suggesting solutions and providing support where required.

Our OHS safety management forum acts as a platform for sharing knowledge of best practices and producing information, guidance and news updates to members.

To manage health and safety in the workplace effectively requires adequate protective and preventative measures along with competent management and staff. It can be a challenge for employers to keep abreast of the most recent requirements under health and safety legislation but your Ibec membership gives you access to OHS professionals to help you do just that.

The health and safety information provided on this website aims to assist employers and in particular those persons appointed as the safety officer or co-ordinator to carry out their functions effectively.

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