Ireland – the Global BioPharmaChem Location of Choice

A Strategy for the BioPharmaChem
Manufacturing Sector in Ireland 2019-2023

BioPharmaChem Ireland (BPCI) published its first strategy in 2010 “Innovation and Excellence”, clearly recognising the many challenges the industry faced at the time. Many of those challenges were driven by the expiry of patents on blockbuster medicines – several of which were manufactured in Ireland – the so-called “Patent Cliff”. Times have certainly changed, and many of the challenges identified at that time have been addressed. The sector has invested €10 billion euro in capital in the last decade – much of this in the manufacture and development of biotech products
As a sector we now face a whole new set of challenges; each of these are addressed in this document:

The need for a supportive and relevant industrial policy driven by Government;
The ongoing talent challenges;
The imperative to continue to stay innovative;
A broader supportive infrastructure for the sector; and
The importance of expanding and integrating the entire cluster

This document is intended to succinctly convey the strategy, and to invite comments from and debate amongst all our valued stakeholders including:

Government and its agencies
The research and educational community
The public at large and community groups
Other industry sectors
Non-governmental organisations
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