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14 February 2017
Legal representation on complex employment law issues
With employee relations becoming ever more complex, obtaining advice from a qualified legal practitioner is becoming increasingly important in many circumstances. Legislation is constantly being amended and updated, and new rulings are frequently issued, all of which can leave even the most experienced human resources manager at a loss as to what best practice is, from a legal perspective.

Ibec has a team of employer relations experts and experienced solicitors, operating in-house, who specialise in employment law, advising and representing member companies in complex employment and equality issues.

In the event of third party claims, and depending on the case, either our specialist employment law solicitors or our employer relations experts will represent you before a third party (Adjudication Officer, Labour Court) at no additional cost.
Our representation service includes:
  • Practical advice on complex HR matters including disciplinary processes, grievances and investigations.
  • Managing and representing your case before the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court.