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15 February 2017
Influence over the issues that matter to your business
Creating the best business conditions to drive economic growth and secure prosperity, right across the country, is at the heart of what we do. Our members engage with us through working groups and committees to develop policy in key areas of interest - from shaping an agile flexible labour market to promoting ambitious investment in critical public infrastructure and education systems. Through our close working relationships with key politicians, government departments, state agencies, policy makers and other national and international stakeholders, we ensure those interests then stay at the top of the political agenda.

With business leaders steering our agenda, and a diverse, vibrant membership giving their views on the ground, senior policy makers and government ministers actively seek our input when legislative or policy decisions are about to be made
Members benefit from
  • Advice on policy change
  • Direct input into policy recommendations
  • Economic and policy briefings from the Ibec team
  • Meetings with politicians, policymakers, national and international stakeholders
  • Opportunities to join our regional committees, working groups and project groups
  • Profile opportunities

We provide a collective, progressive voice to government and policymakers on the issues impacting businesses like yours